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Why does my dog ​​gobble so much?

Waarom schrokt mijn hond zo erg?

It is not an unknown phenomenon: A gobbling dog. It comes from instinct. In the wild, animals often have to fight for their food. But many puppies also grow up at home with brothers and sisters. Here too, it is first come, first served if there is only one feeding bowl. This encourages gobbling and is not good for your dog's health. Fortunately, anti-shock trays and lick mats have been developed to prevent this!

Consequences of gobbling

Eating quickly and in a hurry can result in, among other things, gastric torsion, obesity and affects digestion, with gastric torsion being the most serious and fortunately the least common. More common is obesity, because gobbling your dog probably eats more than necessary. In addition, a dog hardly chews while gobbling, which can also have a bad effect on its teeth.

Licking mats

A licking mat can help prevent gobbling, because it encourages slower eating. In addition, lick mats have even more positive effects. Licking releases endorphins in your dog's brain, which helps calm down in stressful situations. On top of that there is mental stimulation, and it is the ideal distraction during nail clipping, showering or long car rides.

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