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How many feeding times does my cat need?

Hoeveel voedingsmomenten heeft mijn kat nodig?

A cat's natural eating pattern is to hunt regularly, eat the prey if successful and then rest until the next hunt. Many cats are fed twice a day, but that is very unnatural for your cat and it will not make him happy. But what then?

Small stomach

Because of your cat's small stomach, he prefers several small amounts of food spread throughout the day. This is how it would be in the wild: They cannot eat all day long, but have to wait their chances until they catch their next prey.

Restless behavior

In the wild, cats can eat more than 8 times a day. Then 1 or 2 suddenly becomes very little. Many cats exhibit nervous, restless or even aggressive behavior. Especially when it's almost time to eat. It gives a cat much more peace of mind to be able to eat something regularly.

Healthy diet
Finally, you also want a healthy diet for your cat. A consistent eating rhythm is important for this. A small portion regularly helps against obesity and, as mentioned above, stimulates a natural diet.

Automatic feeder

To meet your cat's natural needs, cats should ideally receive around 5 meals per 24 hours .

Some cats even prefer even more eating moments. But being constantly present to give your cat kibble often becomes a challenge. Fortunately, that's why the automatic feeder was invented!

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