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Why does my cat dip its paw in the water?

Waarom dipt mijn kat met zijn pootje in het water?

It looks pretty cute: Your cat dipping his or her paw in the water bowl and then licking it off. But why does your cat actually do this? Is it as cute as it seems?

Whisker sensitivity.
Cats' whiskers are thick hairs with many nerves at the ends. They are therefore very sensitive. They are good counselors for cats and help navigate their environment. However, in some cases they also get in the way, such as with a drinking trough that is too deep. Such drinking bowls cause the whiskers to bend backwards while drinking. For many cats this is very uncomfortable or even painful. Not so cute... A shallow drinking fountain is much nicer for these cats. Take a look at this Pets Pride drinking fountain !

Preference for moving water.
Most cats naturally like moving water. In stagnant water the risk of bacteria or poisoning is greater, and cats naturally want to protect themselves from this. As a result, your cat may pass by the regular drinking bowl and prefer the tap, or try to move the water with his or her paw. If your cat shows this behavior, it may be that your cat is not drinking enough water, resulting in health problems. In this case, a water fountain is a good solution to encourage drinking (clean) water. The Pets Pride drinking fountain (with WIFI) has a filter for the cleanest water, and even signals when the water needs to be refilled, the filter needs to be replaced or the fountain needs to be cleaned!

Even with a water fountain, the cat may still use his or her paw for a while, because it can take some getting used to: that moving water fountain! But afterwards your cat will be very grateful!