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How can you tell if your cat is happy?

Hoe kun je zien of je kat gelukkig is?

As a devoted cat lover, you've probably wondered if your cat is happy. Although every cat has its own unique personality and expresses happiness in its own way, there are certain behaviors and signals that can help you know how your cat is feeling.

The language of sounds

Happy cats are often vocal and enjoy communicating with their owners. Listen to the different sounds your cat makes. A high-pitched, melodious meow often indicates a satisfied cat, while a low, plaintive meow can mean your cat isn't feeling very well. The cute 'prrrrupppt!' sound that many cats make is a clear sign of pleasure. Purring is also usually an indication of contentment, although it can sometimes be a sign of discomfort.

Healthy and shiny appearance

A healthy, well-groomed coat is a sign of a happy cat. Cats that feel good spend a lot of time on their own care. In addition, if your cat licks other cats or even you, she is showing her trust and affection.

Relaxed body language

Your cat's posture says a lot about her state of mind. A relaxed cat often lies with her paws folded under her body, indicating that she feels safe. If your cat stretches and raises the hair on her back, she is probably irritated or scared. A happy cat will make itself smaller and less threatening, greeting people and other animals it considers friends with a straight tail up and a slightly curved tail tip.

Expression of eyes and ears

Your cat's eyes and ears are windows to her soul. Dilated pupils can be a sign of extreme joy or excitement. Ears that point forward or tilt slightly back indicate that your cat is comfortable and curious.

Social sleep habits

Your cat's sleeping place can also say a lot about her happiness. Cats that sleep together with other cats or lie close to their owners feel safe and secure. This behavior indicates a strong, positive bond and a sense of satisfaction.

Playful antics

Playing is a clear indication of a happy cat. Whether it's wild chase games, playful wrestling matches or just a gentle tap on a toy, these activities show that your cat is feeling good. Playing is not only a sign of happiness, but also essential for your cat's mental and physical health.

A healthy appetite

A good appetite is an important sign of a happy and healthy cat. Happy cats will go to their food bowl enthusiastically and may even rub against your legs or meow to get your attention when they are hungry. An automatic feeder can be a great way to provide regular feeding and create a sense of predictability and routine, contributing to your cat's well-being and happiness.


Everyone wants a happy cat purring and curled up on their lap. By paying attention to your cat's sounds, body language, and habits, you can better understand her happiness. Remember that a stable routine, such as using an automatic feeder , can help keep your cat feeling safe and content. This way you ensure that your furry companion is always in top shape, both physically and mentally.