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Enjoy a carefree holiday with these 7 tips!

Zorgeloos op vakantie met deze 7 tips!

Summer is almost here! Time to enjoy that long-awaited vacation. But what do you do with your beloved cat when you're away from home? We have a few useful tips to ensure that your cat feels as relaxed as you do.

  1. Cozy home : Make your home a kingdom for your cat! Fill the house with fun toys and cozy places to sleep. A few new toys can do wonders to combat boredom. Don't forget to add scratching posts and hiding places - they're perfect for keeping your cat occupied and relaxing.
  2. Buddy system : Whether you're going away for a weekend or longer: It's always a good idea to ask a friend, family member or neighbor to come over every now and then. This way your cat gets the necessary attention and you immediately know whether everything in your house is still intact 😊
  3. Smart nutrition : Nothing is more annoying than wondering whether your cat will get food on time while you are on the beach. With our smart automatic feeders, your cat always gets the right portion at the right time. Simply set the feeding and portion times and the machine will do the rest. This way you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.
  4. Extra eye on things : Many of our automatic feeders have a camera so you can always keep an eye on things. Place the feeder so that you have a good idea of ​​where your cat can lie. And with the microphone you can even talk to your cat!
  5. Fresh sip : Hydration is essential, especially during the warm summer months. Our drinking fountains ensure that your cat always has access to fresh and filtered water. The constant circulation keeps the water fresh and attractive to your cat, so you don't have to worry about dehydration. With the handy Pets Pride app you can also keep an eye on whether there is still enough water in the fountain. Can you please notify someone immediately?
  6. Window Viewer : Cats love looking at the world outside. Make sure your cat has access to a window where she can gaze out. A windowsill or a comfortable cushion by the window can provide hours of entertainment.
  7. Home Safe : Before you leave, make sure your home is safe for your furry friend. Remove any hazards and make sure poisonous plants are out of reach. Also make sure that no window is in the tilt position! A safe environment provides peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation.

With these tips, your cat can feel as happy at home as you do at your holiday destination. So let those feeders and drinking fountains do the work while you enjoy a well-deserved break! 🐱✨