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Pets Pride Catlight 5: Suki

Pets Pride Catlight 5: Suki

We regularly put a cat in the spotlight. We ask about the best facts and habits, and we get surprising answers! This week it's Susi's turn.


My name is Suki and I am a cat that is now 2 years old. I was born in Slovakia and subsequently had 2 owners in the Netherlands, but they could not give me the place I deserved. Now I have found my golden basket!

In the beginning I was very scared, but with a lot of time, love and peace I started to come out of my shell. I prefer to lie on the bed with my owners and then start meowing until I am petted.

Have you noticed a difference since Suki has an automatic feeder?

Since we started using the new automatic feeder, Suki immediately sprints when she hears it go off. We can now feed according to a schedule so that not all the chunks are eaten at once, but rather they are given in doses. This gives you a lot of peace of mind!

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