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Pets Pride Catlight 4: Boef

Pets Pride Catlight 4: Boef

We regularly put a cat in the spotlight. We ask about the best facts and habits, and we get surprising answers! This week it's Boef's turn.


Where was Boef born?

On a farm near Engelen (March 2012). Boef has now been with us for 12 years!

How did Boef get his name?

We had a rabbit named Buddha 12 years ago and thought the name Boef suited it nicely 😊

Does Boef have a unique habit or quirk?

He's a real cuddler, but I think the most remarkable thing is that he loves cucumbers. Fortunately, a tasty healthy snack!

Has Boef ever caught or brought home anything unusual?

The most unique catch ever was a slow worm! You don't find those creatures on your patio every day... Fortunately, we managed to save him.

Has Boef learned a certain trick to get his way?

Boef is our first cat and a really loyal good guy. We are quickly convinced when he opens his big eyes and gives us a hug.

Have you noticed a difference since Boef has an automatic feeder?

We notice that he is less obsessive about food, because he has several portions per day instead of 2 large portions in the morning and evening. Sometimes the new portion just doesn't come fast enough and then he sits next to the food bowl and keeps looking at us a bit grumpy until we have given a portion (as can be seen in the photo) 😂


Do you also enjoy answering these questions about your cat? Send them to us via email or WhatsApp with a photo and we will post your story!