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How do I know if my cat food is suitable for an automatic feeder?

Welke kattenbrokken zijn geschikt voor een Pets Pride voerautomaat

There are a lot of cat food brands on the market. From Royal Canin, Hills and Purina to Caracroc, Whiskas and FELIX. Cats can be very picky about their diet and become attached to a particular brand of kibble. But can these chunks all be put in a Pets Pride feeder?

For our automatic feeders, it is not the brand that matters, but the size of the chunks. Since each brand has different product lines with different kibble sizes, it cannot be said per brand name whether the kibble is suitable. That's a shame, isn't it?

Fortunately, this can be easily solved!

All you need is a piece of cat food and a ruler:

1. Measure the diameter or longest side of the kibble.

2. Does this length fall within 5 and 12 mm ? Then you can use any Pets Pride automatic feeder !

3. Is the lump between 2 and 5 mm ? Then you can use our white line automatic feeders. Like this white automatic feeder with full HD camera .

4. Is the chunk between 12 and 15 mm ? Then you can use our black line automatic feeders. Such as this black automatic feeder with adjustable full HD camera .

The specifications also indicate for each product which size kibble is suitable for the automatic feeding bowl.