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5 simple steps for a healthier cat

5 simpele stappen voor een gezondere kat

Here are five simple steps to make your cat healthier. They may be obvious, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded! We all want our pets to be as healthy as possible:

  1. High-quality food : Choose high-quality cat food that meets your cat's nutritional needs. Preferably a high percentage of proteins (30/40%) and fats (20/30%). In addition, low carbohydrate (less than 10/15%) is best. In the wild, cats eat virtually no carbohydrates. Cat food high in carbohydrates can cause obesity. Don't be alarmed: Many cat food contains 30 to 40% carbohydrates!
  1. Portion control with an automatic feeder : Use an automatic feeder to control and regulate the portion size of your cat's food. This prevents overeating and helps maintain a healthy weight.
  1. Hydration with a drinking fountain : Invest in a drinking fountain to encourage your cat to drink more water. Cats often drink too little, which can lead to urinary tract problems. A drinking fountain can encourage them to drink more water. Preferably choose a drinking fountain with stainless steel. This prevents skin allergies.
  1. Regular exercise : Provide plenty of playtime and exercise for your cat. This can help maintain a healthy weight, improve muscle and joint health, and reduce boredom.
  1. Annual vet check : Take your cat to the vet regularly for vaccinations and to check for any health problems. Early detection of problems can make treatment more effective and improve your cat's health!