5 reasons why every cat owner
should choose an automatic feeder!

1. Always perfectly timed meals

Whether you sleep in on Sunday or are overworked on a weekday, an automatic feeder ensures that your cat always gets her meals on time. No more begging for food at 6am!

I'm done!

2. Healthier weight and better health

With an automatic feeder you can measure exactly how much your cat eats every day. This helps prevent overfeeding and keeps your cat at a healthy weight. Healthy cat, happy owner!

I want a healthier cat!

3. Technological luxury in the home

An automatic feeder is not only handy, but also a stylish addition to your home. With smart features such as programmable feeding times, an app to control the dispenser and even a camera to keep an eye on everything, you add a touch of high-tech luxury to your daily routine.

I want to know what my cat does all day!

4. Better behavior and less whining

Cats are smart animals and learn quickly. With an automatic feeder, your cat knows exactly when it is time to eat and there is no point in begging for extra snacks. This can lead to calmer and better behavior at home.

Give me a relaxed cat!

5. Less stress and more rest

An automatic feeder means less worry for you. Whether you are away for the day or just busy, you know that your cat is well cared for. That's one less thing to worry about in your busy life.

I want all these benefits!

An investment that immediately pays for itself in a lot of convenience and peace of mind!

What other customers say


"I would recommend this food bowl to everyone! Very good and adjustable camera, night vision, and it also looks super nice! My cats and I are happy!"

Benjamin de Groot

Top food bowl

"Very nice food bowl with a nice app. Works very well!"


Completely happy!

"We had one from action with only one food bowl and two cats all the time. It was also not compatible with 5GHz. Now the food is well distributed! They are not startled by each other. The sound is softer than that of action. Absolutely great. And the camera is also better. We also like the fact that you can see that the food is almost finished. The only downside is that there is a lot of dirt between the containers and the device peace of mind on holiday."

Jane July

Top product

"What a great product! You can also feed manually via the app, I give our cat 7g at a time (about 32 small chunks) so that she does not eat too much at once (prevents pet gobbling). Even if I am not at home for a day you can feed yourself remotely via the app on your phone (programming is also possible). You can also record your own voice and this will be played back when filling the containers (for example, Poekie kibble). are filled and everything has been eaten (or you see your pet eating). I hope we can enjoy this product for a very long time, great!"


Automatic feeder

"Super happy with the feeder. Sleek design. Quick installation. And great that you can see the cats and the food bowls clearly on the camera!"


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