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Pets Pride Catlight 2: Coco

Pets Pride Catlight 2: Coco

We regularly put a cat in the spotlight. We ask about the best facts and habits, and we get surprising answers! This week it's Coco's turn.

Where was Coco born?

On a farm.

How did Coco get her name?

Through our daughter's favorite television program: Cocomelon. So our cat's name is Coco 🙂.

Does Coco have a unique habit or quirk?

Coco gets every door open... She jumps and grabs the door handle, causing it to go down. We have to wait until she understands how keys work 🫣.

Has Coco ever caught or brought home anything unusual?

She is constantly chasing butterflies, but the pinnacle is now a slug...

Has Coco learned a certain trick to get her way?

Meow. All. Hard. Meow…
Or she spins 100 laps 🙈.

Have you noticed a difference since Coco has an automatic feeder?

In the beginning, she might eat 1 cup per day and have less frequent bowel movements. Ever since the automatic feeder came into our house, she has always been waiting hopefully at the box 5 minutes in advance. Besides the fact that we know better whether she is eating enough, her stools are also better/more frequent.

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